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Japan Pictures

Here you can find some pictures I have taken in Japan.

Me at Pacific Coast
Fuji seen from Miura Peninsula
Mahesh while taking a picture

2001-12-24 (Xmas)
Me (the small one) with Japans Sumo Champion Musashimaru
Sumo Fighter preparing Motschi
Tokyo seen from Imperial Palace Plaza

Fuji seen from Mt. Kuratake
Mountains seen from Kuratake
Mountains seen from Torisawa

Me at Mt. Gozen
View on a Village

Komiya - Graffiti1
Komiya - Graffiti2
Komiya - Graffiti3
Komiya - Graffiti4

Scene in Yokohama

2002-03-03 to 2002-03-22 Business Trip to India (Bangalore)
Lazy Dog
Cocosnut Plantation (seen from a mountain)
Mountain View
Indian Software Developers
At a Temple 1
At a Temple 2
At a Temple 3
Me trying to play golf

2002-03-23 Stayover in Singapore
2D Building?
Nice Architecture
In a Jungle Park

2002-03-02 Odawara Roundtrip
Mountain producing sulfur (1)
Mountain producing sulfur (2)
Gate at Moto-Hakone

2002-03-08 Trip to Nikko
Me at Icy Waterfall
Ape in Snow
Temple (sort of)

2002-03-13 Nakamachidai (Part of Yokohama)
(White) Blooming Tree
(White) Blooming Tree (big view)

2002-03-17 Mt. Kuratake
(Pink) Blooming Tree
View from Mt. Kuratake

2002-03-25 Nakamachidai (Part of Yokohama) <<<<<<<appended: 2002-07-24
Cherry Blossom

2002-06-15 to 2002-06-29 Vacation in Malaysia
Taman Negara National Park:
....Entrance to the Park (this are swimming restaurants)
....Lubuk Simpon (a popolar place for swimming)
....Camping at Sungai Tembelin (that's a river)
....Me exhausted during a Jungle Trek
....a small cave filled with bats
Petronas Towers in KL (Kuala Lumpur)

2002-08-22 to 2002-09-18 Business Trip to India (Bangalore) <<<<<<<appended: 2002-10-19
View from Hotel
Strange Boats
Bird Park
Some Software Developers of SRIT

2002-10-06 Bicycle Trip to Mt. Fuji
View on Fuji
Highest Point of my trip